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World’s Most Popular Composite Decking

Trex Decking

Trex is the most commonly known composite decking material in the world. They are the true pioneers of this industry. Trex became a household name in composite decking over its 25 year history.

Trex had mold and scratch issues with their earlier product lines, but they were able to perfect their formula and design better deck boards.

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Collections and Colors:


This is the entry level collection for Trex. The deck boards in this collection provide the best value to the clients. Trex enhanced basics competes well with cedar decking in respect to its pricing. The profile is scalloped and the PVC coating is inferior in comparison to the premium Trex decking collections.

Colors Available:

  • trex-enhance-basics-decking-clam-shell

    Clam Shell

  • trex-enhance-basics-decking-beach-dune

    Beach Dune

  • trex-enhance-basics-decking-saddle




The deck boards in this collection have the same material characteristics as the basics collection, but the colors are closer to the natural wood look. Different color plastics are mixed together to provide a more natural appearance.

Colors Available:

  • trex-enhance-naturals-decking-foggy-wharf

    Foggy Warf

  • trex-enhance-naturals-decking-rocky-harbor

    Rocky Harbour

  • trex-enhance-naturals-decking-toasted-sand

    Toasted Sand

  • trex-enhance-naturals-decking-coastal-bluff

    Coastal Bluff


This collection boasts the oldest colors of Trex. The deck boards in this collection are solid colors and they provide better scratch resistance than the Enhance collection. The deck boards are a little thinner than one inch in this collection.

Colors Available:

  • select-decking-pebble-grey

    Pebble Grey

  • select-decking-winchester-grey

    Winchester Grey

  • select-decking-saddle


  • select-decking-woodland-brown

    Woodland Brown

  • select-decking-madeira




This is the best quality collection of Trex deck boards. The boards in this collection are composite wrapped on three sides with PVC plastics. The cap stock in this collection is very scratch resistant and the colors mimic the natural woods.

Colors Available:

  • transcend-decking-island-mist

    Island Mist

  • transcend-tikitorch

    Tiki Torch

  • transcend-decking-spiced-rum

    Spiced Rum

  • transcend-havanagold

    Havana Gold

  • transcend-lava-rock

    Lava Rock

  • trex-transcend-earth-tone-vintage-lantern

    Vintage Lantern

  • trex-transcend-earth-tone-rope-swing

    Swing Rope

  • trex-transcend-earth-tone-gravel-path

    Gravel Path


Lineage is a brand new product line from Trex. It is essentially transcend – updated for 2023. Featuring 4 beautiful, multi-chromatic finishes, and a never-before-seen proprietary faster-cooling technology, it is literally the coolest decking on the market right now.

Colors Available:

  • trex-rainier-texture-1-mini


  • trex-jasper-texture-1-mini


  • trex-carmel-texture-1-mini


  • trex-biscayne-texture-1-mini