We carry the top brands of composite decking and PVC decking for contractors and homeowners in the Ottawa Area. We have composite decking in stock and ready to ship the next day or for pick up the same day in all the most popular colors and profiles. 

We offer competitive pricing and expert installation advice. We also carry a full line of fasteners to complement our composite decking line. You can send us your product list or a basic sketch and we will do a complete take off for your decking project.

Great Selection of Composite Decking Profiles

Timbertech Decking

Timbertech Decking offers a wide variety of different composite decking profiles and colors. Materials from this manufacturer are available in various price categories. Scratch resistance and rigidity of these deck products varies depending on the category.

Collections and Colors:


The deck boards in this collection are composite wrapped in PVC.  The profile is scalloped. The rigidity is lower than usual and plugs cannot be used with these deck boards. The main advantage of this collection is its price.

Colors Available:

  • premiere_dark_teak

    Dark Teak

  • premiere_maritime_gray

    Maritime Grey

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The deck boards in this collection are composite wrapped in PVC. The pricing of the deck boards in this collection is fairly reasonable. The colors are natural looking.

Colors Available:

  • prime_seasaltgray

    Sea Salt Grey

  • prime_coconuthusk

    Coconut Hush


This is a mid range collection for Timbertech. The boards in this collection are more scratch resistant than those in the entry level collections. The profile is a solid composite core wrapped in PVC plastic.

Colors Available:

  • reserve-driftwood

    Driftwood Storm Grey

  • reserve-antique-leather

    Antique Leather

  • reserve-darkroast

    Dark Roast



This is the premium collection for Timbertech. The boards are composite core capped on all four sides. The top of the decking board has a nice weavy pattern. The colors are very natural looking.

Colors Available:

  • legacy_tigerwood


  • legacy_ashwood


  • legacy_pecan


  • legacy_mocha


  • legacy_mocha


  • legacy_whitewashcedar

    Whitewash Cedar