Advantages of Ipe Decking

  • Strong and Hard. Ipe Decking is the hardest material to scratch and it feels more solid than any wood or composite decking.
  • Long Lasting. Ipe Decking can last up to 100 years in all types of environments.
    It will not rot, decay or be damaged by termites.
  • Naturally Beautiful. As much as the composite deck products have improved over the years and some do a great job at mimicking the natural look, nothing beats the real natural look.
  • Low Maintenance. Ipe can be left completely untreated. Application of oil only preserves the rich brown color, it is not needed to prolong the life of the wood. You can leave it to grey naturally.
  • Sustainably Harvested. We only sell Ipe decking that comes from sustainable sources. For every Ipe tree that is harvested, more than 10 replacement trees are planted.
  • Many Profiles. We sell Ipe decking in lengths from 8 to 20 feet. Apart from the decking, we also carry Ipe siding and other structural profiles for pergolas, screens and other applications.

Profiles of Ipe that We Carry

Decking Profiles – In Stock

5/4×6 GroovedDeckingThis is the most common decking profile. It is installed with Ipe Clips. 5/4×6 Ipe grooved decking is available in 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 18′ and 20′ lengths.
5/4×6 SolidDecking/FasciaSolid edge boards are used for decking around the perimeter, for fascia, step risers.
These deck boards are typically attached with trim screws or with a screw and plug system.

Other Profiles – Special Order

1×4 IpeScreensThis deck profile is used for cladding of privacy screens, deck skirts, planters and outdoor kitchens
2×4 IpeRailingsThis deck profile is typically used for construction of deck railings and pergolas
2×6 IpePergola2×6 Ipe is commonly used for deck pergolas as rafters. It can also be used for deck framing Ipe deck framing will not rot in high humidity environments.
2×8PergolaThis profile is used for pergola and deck framing beams.
2×10PergolaThis profile is used for pergola and deck framing beams.
1×6SkirtingThis decking is commonly used for skirting and other vertical applications. It can be attached with ipe trim screws or screws and plugs
1×8StepsThis profile is commonly used for deck stair risers. It can also be used as fascia.

We also carry other profiles and custom milling orders. Other profiles that we sell are 1×4 tongue and groove, 1×6 tongue and groove (commonly used for exterior ceilings). For Ipe siding, we carry a special profile that allows for a quick installation and no visible fasteners. We also carry larger sizes of Ipe such as 4×4, 6×6 and even 8×8. We have the widest selection of Ipe Profiles in Ottawa, available at very reasonable prices.

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