IPE Decking

Ipe wood, also known as epay or epi wood or Brazilian Walnut, is a South American hardwood known for its strength and durability. Ipe is among the hardest species of wood used for decking, and has been given a Class A fire rating which out-performs most of the other woods or composite decking options.

Ipe decking can be oiled to protect its natural color, or it can be allowed to weather to a lovely driftwood grey to fit contemporary designs.


Ipe Solid Edge Boards

Ipe Wood decking

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Ipe Decking Pre-Grooved

Pregrooved Ipe is used for deck floors, installed with Ipeclips hidden fasteners


1x6 (3/4 "x 5.5 " net)

From 3' to 20' Long

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5/4x6 (1"x5.5 net)

From 3' to 20' Long

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Ipe Deck Tiles

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Ipe can be used as an exterior wall cladding

the sun will weather it to a grayish tone after a few months. If you prefer to enhance and maintain its natural colors, regular annual maintenance is recommended

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IPE Decking Maintenance

Ipe wood can be left natural without any maintenance; exposure to the sun will weather it without weakening it.

Alternatively, you can choose to maintain it by applying a layer of oil (Ipe oil) annually to enhance its colors.

You can maintain the vibrant colors of ipe wood, with an annual application of Ipeoil, to ensure its enhancement and preservation.

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It is recommended to oil or seal the undersides of the boards (hidden faces); this greatly helps prevent and stop "cupping" (curvature) in the wood caused by excessive moisture transfer from the ground to the wood not exposed to the sun, especially when there is a lack of ventilation.

IPE Technical Info

Ipe Wood - Technical Information

  •  Ipe wood has a specific gravity of 0.85 to 1.08. Air-dried density is 66 to 75 lbs per cubic foot. At 3/4" finished thickness, it weighs approximately 4.5 lbs per square foot.
Drying and Shrinkage
  • Drying and Shrinkage (green to kiln-dried): Radial 6.6%, tangential 8.0%, volumetric 13.2%. Minimal movement after milling. As weather changes, the average movement of an air-dried board approximately 6 inches wide is about 1/8".
  • Ipe wood has a Janka hardness of 3,680 lbs with decking air-dried and moisture content of 12%. Tested per ASTM-D143.
Slip Resistance:

 Ipe exceeds requirements for static coefficient of friction in wet environments. Ipe wood decking has also met all ASTM-C1028-89 testing requirements (USA).


  • Strength: Our Ipe exceeds all existing code requirements for outdoor constructions and has been tested per ASTM-D143 (USA). An Ipe deck will structurally handle many square feet of snow!
Legality of Ipe Wood
  • We only import Brazilian Ipe wood harvested from forests with legal and responsible management, under the supervision of government authorities such as IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources). IBAMA is a Brazilian government institute created to ensure the preservation and maintenance of the environment, acting to protect Brazilian natural resources. Our Ipe wood is certified with an "Origin Document" supervised by IBAMA. This certificate cannot be obtained by illegal wood producers.


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